Snakes are dangerous but useful

Snake bites is a major problem in Sri Lanka, with nearly 60,000 people becoming victims annually. Only close to 40,000 receive treatment from the hospitals, but others resort to traditional methods often resulting in deaths. Continue reading

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Herpetologists: Hot weather is making snakes more likely to bite

A young child is on the road to recovery after being bitten by a snake happened in Garland on Sunday.

The four-year-old was bitten by a Copperhead and hospitalized. Continue reading

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Dead foreign snake sighting a concern

The discovery of a dead, four-foot long constrictor snake on Rainbow Road is unusual but does not present danger to the public, says wildlife enforcement officer Wolfgang Brunnwieser. Continue reading

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Don’t coax crocs, Thai tourists told

Authorities at Khao Yai National Park have given a stern warning to tourists, ordering them to stop taunting the park’s pair of two-meter-long crocodiles. Continue reading

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Serpents face slippery existence

Last week staff at an MoT test centre in Bedfont, west London, opened the bonnet of a van to discover a 4ft-long North American black rat snake curled around the engine. Continue reading

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