BC, Canada: Battle of the bullfrog continues

Amphibians beware, the bullfrog hunter is back in business.

Frog hunter Stan Orchard will be on the prowl again as the CRD approved a budget that will see Orchard receive $20,000 from CRD Water and $20,000 from CRD Parks for his efforts to eradicate the invasive American bullfrog from the freshwaters of southern Vancouver Island.

“It is always at the politician’s discretion until it is in my bank account to say that there is anything of higher priority somewhere else,” Orchard said. “So it is a great relief and it means that we can get equipment and repairs and prepare for this season and get on with it.

Orchard first positively identified an American bullfrog on Vancouver Island in 1998, and the invasion has kept the frogs gobbling up everything that they can fit into their very large mouths ever since.

Read full story HERE.

About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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