City issues rattlesnake warning

Walter is friendly little guy, young and curious.

So when he noticed the rattlesnake slithering at the edge of the trail in Beattie Park on Sunday, Walter did what comes naturally. He waddled closer, nose first, to say hello.

“Poor Walter,” said City Councilwoman Cecilia Martner. “He got bit.”

The 2-year-old basset hound, who belongs to Martner’s stepson, Clayton Gudeman, 24, came home Monday night from the emergency veterinarian’s office in Arroyo Grande, but it will be about a week before the snake venom works its way through Walter’s system, Martner said.

“The thing just bit him in the nose,” she said. “The side of his head is swollen; one eye is shut. He drools. He has no control over his mouth.

“He’s going to be all right. He is going to be OK.”

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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