Ernst: To protect sea turtles, target people's wallets

Venice has one of the highest rates in the state for sea turtle disorientation. Lights at night from parking lots, streets and homes along the beach dissuade mother turtles from laying eggs. They also lure hatchlings inland where they wear out and fall prey to birds and dehydration.

This is not new. Everyone involved, from the city to the beachfront property owners, should be embarrassed, if not ashamed, of their stewardship.

Sea turtles, particularly the loggerheads in this area, are in danger of extinction. So the success of every nest is critical.

These aren’t polar bears over which we, as individuals in Florida, have little control. All it takes to help is a willingness to close the curtains and turn off or shield exterior lights during turtle nesting season from May through October.

The less light seen from the beach at night, the better. It’s pretty simple. Venice has had a law since 1997 requiring this consideration. But it has been ignored.

Now, the city is ready to try Plan B.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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