Man spots deadly snake — and kills it

Robert Tyler: “Snake hunter.”

That’s the title bestowed on Tyler by friends after the 53-year-old welder from Merritt Island came across a six-foot-long diamondback rattlesnake, pinned it down with his boot and slashed off its head with the stroke of a knife.

“It was a huge, beautiful diamondback,” Tyler said Friday, describing his encounter. “If it belonged to someone, it doesn’t now.”

Tyler said he spotted the snake — known for its distinct crosshatch skin patterns, warning tail rattles and deadly bite — about 5 p.m. Wednesday while driving along Captain’s Row, a riverside community located on the north side of the Merritt Island Causeway.

Tyler said the venomous snake was crawling its way past the home of a woman who owned several small kittens.

Rather than call authorities, Tyler, who said he once caught another large snake over two decades ago near a school, decided to kill the animal on his own rather than risk it slithering away.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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3 Responses to Man spots deadly snake — and kills it

  1. Bryan Hughes says:

    How the hell is this on ‘save the reptiles’ . com?

    • Part of the purpose of is to share news around the world that affects/pertains reptiles … to make people aware of some of the issues. A lot of people do not realize how other treat and/or react to snakes.

  2. ken says:

    wow poor kittens(sarcastic) why is the snake considered the bad guy in this story it makes it sound like it was after the kittens

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