Farewell Mr Freshie

Australia Zoo is sad to announce the passing of one of our oldest friends, Mr Freshie.

At an estimated 120 to 140-years-old, our resident Fresh Water Crocodile lived one heck of a life before he retired to the peaceful ponds and lush green surrounds of Australia Zoo.

Almost 40 years ago, Steve Irwin and his dad, Bob, travelled to Moorehead River in north Queensland to rescue a severely wounded male Freshwater Crocodile.

Mr Freshie, a harmless reptile, had received two severe bullet wounds; one to his tail and the other to his right eye. His eye was blinded and his tail was badly injured.

While preparing to rescue Mr Freshie, Steve and his dad discovered that this was no ordinary croc. In fact, Mr Freshie was considered a sacred animal to a local tribe of Aborigines.

The tribe told the Irwin’s a remarkable story about the male Freshwater Crocodile; how several generations had watched Mr Freshie roam the local waterways for 100 years!

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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