Endangered frogs refrigerated to spur breeding

In an effort to encourage breeding in a critically endangered frog, scientists at the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research have placed 24 mountain yellow-legged frogs into refrigerators.

“The cold temperatures mimic high-elevation winter conditions that cause the frogs to hibernate. Typically, mountain yellow-legged frogs display mating behaviors after emerging from hibernation,” the zoo explained in a news statement yesterday.

U.S. Geological Survey scientists found this adult mountain yellow-legged frog last year in a rediscovered population of the endangered frog in the San Jacinto Wilderness, San Bernardino National Forest, California. This re-discovery –a long with the San Diego Zoo’s first successful breeding of the frog in captivity, and successful efforts by California Department of Fish and Game to restore frog habitat–renews hope of survival for this Southern California amphibian, USGS said.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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