The Table Manners Of The American Bullfrog

If it can fit in its mouth, a bullfrog will go after anything, even its own kind!  Seriously!

The American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) is a member of the family Ranidae, or “true frogs”, native to much of North America.  Did you know it holds the honorary title of being North America’s largest frog, reaching a size upwards of 8 inches?!?

Throughout the Southern and Midwestern parts of the US, some people do eat these rather large frogs.  But the only parts they eat are the rear legs, which resemble small chicken drumsticks and, sometimes, the backs, which are usually fried before being eaten.  I myself have not eaten frog legs … so I cannot comment on their taste.  Sorry!

But I digress …

Watching this frog eat can be like watching a growing teenage boy eat!  Growing up, I watched my brother devour just about anything he could fit in his mouth when he was a rapidly growing teenager and yes, this frog certainly reminds me of those days.

So just what does a frog of this size like to eat? I think the question should actually be, what doesn’t this frog like to eat? WOW!

As with many frogs, They will eat the standard smaller prey items such as crayfish, water beetles, snails and even dragonfly larvae.

But what makes these frogs amazing (or scary?!?) are some of the other things that they will eat! They’ve taken a standard frog menu to a whole new level! They’ll eat fish, small turtles, young water birds, and yes … even other frogs!

It has even been known to swallow small snakes! Yikes!  Now that is what I call a healthy appetite!

Essentially, if you move and it can swallow you or at least partially swallow you, you are invited to dinner!

And if you do not believe, just check out this amazing video – you will never look at the American bullfrog the same way again.

By Candace,


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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