Zimbabwe: 'Snake woman tells it all'

A young woman from Munyoro area of Mutare District on Sunday confessed to being a witch before a chief’s court, claiming that she and her uncle had used two snakes — a python and a spitting cobra believed to have powers to stop rains from falling in Mutare area.

The teenager, Tsitsi Matimbe (18), spoke with confidence as she narrated how she was initiated into the macabre underworld activities by her aunt and uncle before hundreds of people who had gathered at Acting Chief Zimunya’s court to hear for themselves the story behind the mysterious snakes believed to have caused anxiety among villagers and urbanites in Mutare District following the persistent dry spell.

Rains only fell in most parts of Mutare District last week after almost one and half months of no rainfall activities and this prompted many people to believe that there were supernatural powers behind the dry spell.

The snake story has been the talk of the city in the past two weeks, with so many versions being brought forward. Some were claiming that the snake was very big and would fill a scotch-cart, while others said a haulage truck had to be hired to ferry the snake to Mutare Museum where people were being charged $5 to view it.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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