US Global loses appeal, so where do 27,000 exotic animals go, and when?

Late yesterday the legal wrangling over 27,000 exotic animals ended with an judge ruling against US Global Exotics in their appeal. The animals, seized on December 15, 2009, by Arlington Animal Services, with assistance from the HSNT and the SPCA of Texas, had earlier been found to have been subject to inhumane treatment and unsanitary living conditions.

For over a month now, the animals have been cared for vets, staff, and volunteers from the SPCA and HSNT, and various species-specific organizations. Experts say their stress levels have dropped remarkedly and the animals appear to be thriving. But what will happen to them next?

The City of Arlington plans to turn over custody of them to the SPCA of Texas. To try and prevent these animals from from ever ending up in the wrong hands again, the judge’s ruling in the case makes clear the animals are not be adopted out to the public. Instead, the SPCA of Texas will place them with reputable organizations such as zoos, sanctuaries, and species-specific rescue organizations.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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