The python culling has begun in Florida – now what? Eat 'em?

The other day I asked on the Facebook Fan Page what people thought we should do with the carcasses of the pythons being hunted down and euthanized in Florida.  Should they be used as food? Sold to the skin trade (for belts, shoes etc …)?

Let me give you a little bit of background information first … some of you might be wondering why so many pythons are being hunted down in the first place.

Florida has actually prompted the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to encourage hunters to cull Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons and other unwanted invasive species  on state wildlife manage areas (WMAs).

So what did people think should be done with the dead snakes?  Well, I got a lot of very interesting … and sometimes very creative answers!

I have been thinking about that since you posted the article yesterday. I feel that they should be used in as many ways as possible and somehow contribute to the coffers of the agencies involved. Perhaps selling them as meat and skins to fund wildlife research and rehabilitation?

I think they should be preserved when they’re dead then after a year a picture taken and do some sort of advertising with the pic to show how many of them they caught in a year then buried or burnt or used for scientific study itd be pointless using them for skin trade as it will mean more and more snakes will be killed for skin trade not just burms…

M. R.
Neither belts nor food, but to herp classes in university for dissection and study.
Much like cadavers for med school.

All good ideas…food for other herps possibly too or for animals in captivity…

If you look up the cost of python as an exotic meat you find it runs about 70.00usd a POUND. That would provide a great deal of money for otherwise underfunded agencies that work hard to prevent the influx of invasive species.

Sold to the skin trade to avoid them being taken from their natural habitat for the very same purpose. OR A giant, decaying, skipping rope.

Send em to Haiti as food.

Ship them to people that can use the skin and that eat the meat.

But…… if we do sell them to the skin trade will it create a trend and have the demand continue after the everglades are cleared of the invasives, would it encourage the poaching of native snakes in the everglades and other areas??

Use the meat to feed the homeless and donate the skins for educational purposes.


Yes, they should sell the skins and meat and even the skulls.  If a python hunter can make money by selling the parts, he will be encouraged to continue hunting the critters to make more money. Selling Burmese python skins to the skin trade will not encourage the use of other native snakes for the trade, as python skins are very thick and make a … See moregood leather. Native snakes have a much smaller, thinner skin, and can not be used the same way. Pay a bounty on the pythons, and let folks earn money from the parts. Will not be long until the problem is solved.

Whatever the objective and end results, its sad 😦

My concern with putting a price on the skins, meat, etc is that there could become a demand for them that might even be greater than the supply in the Everglades. I would hate to see snake skin farms like there are fur farms.

I don’t think that will happen. Justin boot company in Texas has been making python skin books for 40 years, using skins imported from Asia. And they have not become a fashion statement so far. Most folks would not be caught dead wearing them.  There are just not that many folks in the world who think that python skin cowboy boots are fashionable. Mostly folks like pro wrestlers, neon cowboys, and pimps, LOL.

shoes & accessories?

The Florida authorities said that hunters who take a python in one of the state areas can do as he or she wishes after checking the body at one of the check stations. I agree with that policy. Any hunter who takes an animal should be able to do as he or she pleases.

Now I ask you: what do you think should be done with all the dead snakes?

By Candace,



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Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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2 Responses to The python culling has begun in Florida – now what? Eat 'em?

  1. D.V. says:

    Yes, python McNuggets I like it. I see python skinned golden arches.

  2. Mark says:

    If there are any PYTHON HUNTERS OUT THERE looking at this, I am in the Python skin trade and would like to speak to you about obtaining your python skins.


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