Twenty-four crocodiles in Witney home

The UK’s first crocodile zoo could be built in West Oxfordshire.

Shaun Foggett — who keeps 24 crocodiles and alligators, which grow up to 4m long, at his Witney home — is looking to buy enough land to fulfil his dream.

He has set up website to help with his search.

The 30-year-old joiner has been saving for the past two years, and has secured much of the £100,000 start-up-costs.

Mr Foggett said: “I have got the largest collection of crocodiles in the UK.

The crocodile zoo will be the first in the country, there is nothing else in the UK like it.

“Most places just carry one species of crocodile as they are not set up to handle anymore.”

He needs about 5,000 sqft, or more, to set up the enclosures, which will house three of the rarest crocodiles in the world. He said: “I have written to quite a lot of farmers and some of the bigger estates in and around the Witney area.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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