Snake fears on the rise

Large numbers of snakes have recently been found in Tasmania’s suburban homes and gardens.

It has prompted warnings from reptile experts to watch out.

Reptile Rescue acting co-ordinator Chris Daly said rangers around the state were receiving up to 20 calls a day from Tasmanians –often hysterical — who found snakes at their homes.

On Saturday night a 22-year-old man was flown to hospital after being bitten by a snake at Nubeena on the Tasman Peninsula.

Mr Daly, of Claremont, said snakes were now plentiful not only in rural areas but also in suburban yards.

Kingston, Sandford, Cambridge and Acton were all hotspots for snakes.

He said recent callouts also had included built-up areas such as Main Rd at Glenorchy and South Hobart, while a woman had been bitten by a snake while gardening at Lenah Valley.

Snakes have been found in some interesting hiding places — in roof cavities, under fridges, in discarded cordial cans and even in toilets.

At Seven Mile Beach a man woke up at 3am recently and was shocked to find a snake curled up under the kitchen stove.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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