24/01/10 Today’s Headlines On SaveTheReptiles.com

Here is the SaveTheReptiles.com daily collection of headlines feed featuring reptile and amphibian information and news from around the world for the Sunday January 24th, 2010.

Why Ireland Has No Snakes

The Earth’s 6th Great Mass Extinction is Occurring as You Read This

New rare fossils found in Al Gharbia area

Near-extinct baby gharial dies at zoo

FWS to Propose Banning Importation and Interstate Commerce of Nine Snakes

Dealer Loses Custody of ‘Stock’ Because of Cruel Treatment of Animals

40 endangered monitor lizards seized in India

Loggerhead Turtles return to Queensland in record numbers

Turtle draws crowd at boat show

Crocodile count may reach 100, says preliminary survey

Rare sea turtle saved from cold on Dauphin Island (with video)

Geckos Used as Inspiration in Nanotube Innovation

Denver dog wins national honor — for nearly being eaten by a huge lizard

Marijuana, magic mushrooms, and… an alligator

Meat processor tries to set up Chinese cane toad exports

Leatherback turtle facts and how you can save them

Sea turtles play significant role in beach renourishment equation

Python and King Cobra caught after big fight

Endangered sea turtles recovering at Oregon Coast Aquarium



About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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