Sacred Crocodiles

A look on any crocodile is frightening with its long narrow jaws, protruding teeth, thick skin and a powerful tail. They are found in fresh and salt waters, wetlands and canals. Saltwater crocodile are the largest, as long as 7 meters or more. This is followed by Nile crocodile with 6 meters and American Crocodile 4.6 meters. In all, 23 species of crocodile have been identified the world over.

Being fierce hunters, they attack their prey with lightening speed. They kill animal as heavy as they are and swallow their catch lock, stock and barrel.

The sacred crocodiles are a different breed. They are friendly and docile. Children can swim in their ponds and people can have a bath oblivious of the larking animals around. There is a mutual respect for one another. These crocs have their names and can be called forth from the pond to greet the visitors. They allow the visitorsto pat them. Some are strong enough to give a ride to the visitors. Pulling their tails is normal and brings excitement and laughter. Some even move out of the water and walk around.

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About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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