Family defends not saving joey from snake

A Cooktown  family who watched a python eat a young wallaby in their backyard says public backlash for not helping the joey is “water off a duck’s back”.

The Barton-Ilic family watched from their veranda in far north Queensland as a 4m scrub python ate a young wallaby while its mum kicked and scratched the snake in vain to save the joey.

Judith Barton-Ilic said she felt like she was watching Animal Planet with her kids Braidyn, 13, and Tiarn, 10, when the action unfolded about 4.30pm (AEST) on Monday.

The story gained nationwide interest since being published on, with more than 140,000 hits on Mrs Barton-Ilic’s pictures of the attack.

The family came under fire as online readers posted a barrage of comments, with many attacking the family for not going to the joey’s rescue.

Read full story HERE.


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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