Fuel reward offered for outback snake spotters

r185397_689728A $100 fuel voucher is on offer to anyone who helps the Arid Lands Board keep track of a snake that is thought to be in decline in the north-east of South Australia.

The woma python inhabits outback areas around the Strezlecki and Birdsville Tracks.

The Board is offering vouchers to people who can provide photo evidence and GPS coordinates of any woma python they find.

Reece Pedler from the Board says evidence of the non-venomous python’s decline has been only anecdotal at this stage.

“The smaller snakes are being knocked off by things like cats and foxes and the decline in the population won’t be seen for a long time because the adults live for potentially years or decades,” he said.

“They’ve previously declined in Western Australia, although we know that they are still reasonably common in places like the Birdsville Track and Strezlecki Track in the north-east.

“So really we’re trying to build up a better picture of where the woma pythons are, how many are out there and whether they’re still breeding and how well they’re doing basically.”

Article via Australian Broadcasting Corporation | 15 December 2009 |


About Candace M Hansen

Wildlife advocate, conservationist and environmentalist.
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